Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Policy?

June Residential / Commuter Camp
Deposit amounts are non-refundable. If you cancel after June 5, you will receive a full refund minus $150.

June Day Camp
Deposit amounts are non-refundable. If you cancel after June 9, you will receive a full refund minus $100.

July Premier Camp
Deposit amounts are non-refundable. If you cancel after July 1, you will receive a full refund minus $150.

How Are Campers Transported During Camp?

A chartered bus is used to transport campers for our JUNE PREMIER CAMP only. Campers may ride or they may choose to walk to the dorms and/or gym. Walking is supervised and NO ONE WILL BE REQUIRED TO WALK.

What Skills Will My Gymnast Be Training?

Our staff will work to perfect and improve current skills as well as exploring new and more difficult skills. No gymnast will be asked to do a skill that is unsafe for her ability level.

Will My Gymnast Be In The Same Group With Her Friend?

Campers are grouped prior to the start of camp. Grouping is done with the most basic information available to us: Level and Age. Please understand grouping is not an exact science. If you or your daughter is unhappy with her group or would like to move, please notify a camp director or coach. Campers are also encouraged to talk to a coach about switching groups. WE CANNOT ACCOMMODATE EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE.

How Many Girls Are In A Dorm Room?

The rooms accommodate 2 campers and share a bathroom with an adjoining room of 2 campers.

How Are Campers Assigned Roommates?

Roommates can be requested on the registration form. Often times, one camper requests a roommate and that camper requested someone else. Ninety percent of roommate requests are met. If your daughter is not with someone she requested, she will be in an adjoining room or in a room very close to her requested roommate. Small groups and teams will be paired and placed as closely as possible.

If no roommate is listed, your camper will be paired AS CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE with someone of her same age and level.

Who Supervises Campers And Are The Doors Locked At The Dorm?

We have several dorm moms that have daughters attending camp as well as Auburn University dorm staff to supervise campers at the dorm. The exterior doors of the dorm are locked AT ALL TIMES and campers are not permitted to leave the dorm outside of planned activity.

When arriving at your dorm, please feel free to ask our dorm staff for their contact information. They are willing to assist you and your camper in any way they can.

Can I Buy A Leo At Camp?

Leotards will be available for purchase in the lobby at check in and/or check out of each camp.

Is There Wireless Internet Available In The Dorm?

We are currently working to provide wireless access for campers; however, we DO NOT recommend that items like laptops are brought to camp.

What Should We Bring To The Dorm?

T-shirts, shorts, swimsuit, sneakers, leotards and personal equipment (grips, wrist wraps, tape, etc.) Pajamas, towels, toiletries, pillow and twin bed sheets/blankets. PLEASE DO NOT bring personal or expensive items to camp. WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS.

My Child Has Special Dietary Needs. What Should I Do?

If your child has a special diet due to MEDICAL reasons (allergies, Celiac disease, etc.), you should bring these special foods with you to camp. We will also need you to speak with the camp manager at check in to make her aware of your child’s situation.

Should My Camper Drive Herself To Camp?

We do not recommend that campers bring a vehicle to campus for camp. Auburn University, like most college campuses, has almost no public parking. The parking lots adjacent to both the McWhorter Center and all campus dorms are permit lots only. Parking Services will more than likely tow or boot any vehicle without a parking permit (check-in and check-out days, excluded).

Can I stay in the McWhorter Center and watch my camper during the week?

Due to the size of camp in past years, the lobby and the viewing balcony are used daily. As a result, the gym is closed to viewing during the week; however, parents and family are invited to watch campers perform their camp dances immediately prior to the end of camp. The McWhorter Center is not open to observation for our day camp.